Sunday Chat 10-21-18

Girl’s Build
Girl’s Build Update
EdUSAF’s GoFundMe
Snowflake Melter

Portland Mayor
Kamala Harris jokes about killing Trump
Ole Miss Professor
Rosie o’donnell wants military to ‘get’ Trump
2 GOP candidates attacked in Minn.
GOP candidates attacked in Minn.
Pelosi says “Collateral Damage” will happen
Pelosi “Collateral Damage” video
Anti-Communist protest at Pelosi
Another Clinton accuser found dead
Trump wins native American support
Stormy Daniels loses law suit against Trump
Stormy to pay trump’s legal fee’s
9-11 widow’s son tracks down protestor
Mad Maxine on billboard
Antifa gets his punch blocked
Woman gets phone stuck in her vagina

Intro/Outro music: Communication Breakdown (Led Zepplin cover) – Iron Maiden