Sunday Chat 11-11-18

Girl’s Build
Girl’s Build Update
Ed’s GoFundMe Page
Snowflake Melter
Hrntfixr YouTube Page
Q Anon
Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism
Lesbian couple steal Vietnam Vets service dog
Mochella won’t ‘forgive’ Trump
Maryland police kill gun owner
Man shot resisting gun confiscation
Social media background checks
Dead pimp wins election
Former Seal wins TX congressional seat
Broward county jail inmates register and vote
Brenda Snipes broke law
Snipes admits felons and non-citzen voting
Ballots ‘found’ 48 hrs after election
Andrew Gillum invovled in voter fraud
Massive dem rally in JAX!!! LOL

Intro/Outro music: Green Manalishi (Fleetwood Mac cover) – Corrosion of Conformity