Sunday Chat 1-6-19

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Girl’s Build
Girl’s Build Update
Snowflake Melter
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Q Anon
Franklin Graham suspended by facebook blocked for his biblical hate speech
Facebook suspends pages that shame pedophiles
Muslim doctor fired for giving Jews wrong meds on purpose
muslim community patrol takes to New York streets
Dem’s refuse to believe DHS secretary
Disabled Vet Dan Crenshaw calls out Dem’s on wall
Ocasio-Cortez severely misquotes the constitution
H.R. 7115 nationwide proposed ban in the works
H.R. 7115 wants to ban building AR-15’s and lower parts kits
Marco Rubio introduces Federal Red Flag Bill
Marco Rubio wants your tax dollars to pay for gun seizures nationwide
Colorado assault weapons ban met mass non-compliance
Bre Payton dies mysteriously
NBC reporter quits
30,000 scientist agree on climate change hoax

Intro/Outro music: Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica cover) – Within The Ruins