Sunday Chat 1-20-19

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Girl’s Build
Girl’s Build Update
Snowflake Melter
Hrntfixr YouTube Page
Q Anon
Dems party in PR during shutdown
Lobbyist wine and dine Dem leaders in PR
Trump cancels Pelosi’s trip
Nancy’s office caught in a flat out lie about travel plans
Cotez and Waters on Financial Services Committee
Cortez joins House Financial Services Committee
Cortez the voice of an ignorant generation?
Cortez reveals her plan to overthrow SCOTUS
Tlaib & Omar co-sponsor bill to recognize muslim holidays
Anti Israel radical Ilhan Omar joins foreign affairs committee
2 democratic senators waging a bigoted campaign against catholics
A case at supreme court challenges legitimacy of the NFA
Virginia rep open carries in state house
Another Pelosi backed company fraud
Trumps shutdown trap
Film Jackets

Intro/Outro music: Open Your Mind – Burning Witches